I’m a highly trained and skilled Photoshop expert with many satisfied clients.Thank you for taking my word for why you can count on me to meet all your Photoshop-related needs. Almost everything in Adobe Photoshop can be automated. Simply describe your needs and I’m confident I can use Photoshop “Actions” or a Photoshop Script to automate the process for you.

In many cases, I have taken a highly complex, multi-step, manual Photoshop process and converted it into a “one-click” function. One-click and you sit back and watch the “magic” happen. Scripts and Actions can be used for batch processing or on a single image. Almost anything from custom templates, custom image designs, photo-editing, mock-up design, image processing, image retouching, and much more can be automated. I'm ready to help you save time and maximize your productivity with a custom designed Photoshop javascript maker, action maker, panel maker, or whatever it takes to make life easier for you. I’m looking forward to being of service to you. Thanks for visiting my site.

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Scripts Runner Plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, premiere pro

Scripts Runner, Perfect Way To Run Your Script on Adobe Applications.

Now With Scripts Runner Plugin, you can Run Your Scripts on Adobe Applications Without Actually Install Them on the Application. The script will be automatically added to the plugin, you don't need to add them every time. Just click to run it next time. also, Option to Run Scripts without adding on The plugin.

App Design

Plugin Design is Interact with Adobe Applications. Means its looks same as your Adobe Application.

Supporting Applications

It Support's Windows and macOS Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro From Release 2014 to latest Versions.

Supported Scripts files

Mainly it supports Jsx File (*.jsx), Jsxbin File (*.jsxbin) and Js File (*.jsx), But You can also Use any Code File type.

"If you want to work smarter, you have to start with a small step!"

If you have Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro Three installed in your system you just have to install the Scripts Runner plugin only one time. it will come to all three applications.

How To Download

How To Download

Click On the Buy Now Button, and a Gumroad payment page Will appear to make the Payment, after Successful payment you will get a zip file. Download it and save it to your computer. After that Check your Mail you should receive a mail from Gumroad along with your Activation code and the File Download Link.             

How To Install

How To Install

There are two ways to install it. The first one is Just to open Photoshop and Run the Installer.jsx File It Will install the Scripts runner Plugin. The second one is to Download the ZXP installer From the Web and install it on your System after that Open ZXP Installer and select the 'Script Runner.zxp' file you have received. After Successful Install, Restart your Adobe Application.

How to Use

How To Use

After Successful Install You will find the plugin Under your Application>Window>Extensions>Scripts Runner, click it to open it. at first, you need to Enter your Activation code, enter it and click on Active. Now you can use it. if you are using it on Photoshop or Illustrator then your already installed script will appear in the plugin, and you can add your custom script by clicking Add Script button.

Find same color path and make compound path Adobe Illustrator script

This is a JavaScript to loop through all layer and then all Path items and select same Fill & Stroke and make Compound Path In Adobe illustrator

Variant 1 — Install

  1. Download archive and unzip. All scripts are in the folder jsx
  2. Place <script_name>.jsx in the Illustrator Scripts folder:
    • OS X: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator [vers.]/Presets.localized/en_GB/Scripts
    • Windows (32 bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [vers.]\Presets\en_GB\Scripts\
    • Windows (64 bit): C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [vers.] (64 Bit)\Presets\en_GB\Scripts\
    • RU lang: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [версия]\Стили\ru_RU\Сценарии\
  3. Restart Illustrator

Variant 2 — Drag & Drop

Drag and drop the script file (JS or JSX) into Adobe Illustrator Window

Bulk Mockup Generator Photoshop Script plugin Extension. - Bulk Mockups Filler


Illustrator Composition Composer (Batch Save by layer Combinations Illustrator script)

Illustrator Composition Composer (Batch Save by layer Combinations Illustrator script)

Batch Photoshop Composition Composer


Batch Save by layer Combination Photoshop script

Batch Save by layer Combinations Photoshop script


Batch Save by layer Combination Photoshop script

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